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“Outstanding job of keeping the reception upbeat and lively!”  Danny – Father of the bride

CONGRATULATIONS on your Engagement and upcoming Wedding Celebration!!!  We would like to personally thank you for considering NLE for your special day!  One of the most important things that we think that separates us from the pack is that we continuously pride ourselves on doing something above the norm and being different!!

If you have ever attended a NLE event, you can see the passion and the creativity of our entertainment that shows we are not some “average” DJ’s.  We stride ourselves in being the best at what we do!  We believe that the couples that hire NLE should receive the type of wedding day that they deserve!

Our goal is to have their day be talked about for the next 10 years, pack the dance floor from wall to wall, and their friends and family members smiling and laughing having the time of their lives!   “Made our wedding come to life!” Priscilla – Bride

Next Level Entertainment has a team of full-time Event Production Specialists.  We are not weekend warrior DJs’.  Helping you plan the best day of your lives is our #1 priority.  If your ultimate goal is to celebrate your marriage and have the night of your life, simply surround yourself with the NLE Quality Event Production Specialists who are as invested in your day as you are!

Lets consider all the planning that goes into your Special Day. Throughout our years of experience and research,  we have found that most people remember the interaction and fun they had during Weddings. 

What’s Thought About When Budget Planning for an Event…

Reception Hall and Catering 75%
Flowers 65%
Photo & Video 55%
Gown 50%
Bridal Attire 45%
Entertainment 45%
Other 40%

Budget Percentage

Versus What’s Actually Remembered after Your Event

Entertainment 75%
Reception Hall and Catering 67%
Flowers 55%
Gown 50%
Favors 45%
Other 35%

Percentage Rating

We at Next Level Entertainment want to ensure that everyone is entertained from the people that came to party to the people that came to eat cake. We believe in creating an atmosphere for your ceremony and reception that you and your guests will never forget!  “He was the talk of our wedding and thank goodness I found him!!!” Claudia – Bride

What Can Next Level Do For Your Wedding Day?

At NLE, we believe that you should be able to have the ability to PERSONALIZE YOUR WEDDING DAY.  We want you to have the best wedding day that you can imagine!  We want you to be different, so personalize it the way you want to do it. We are not just DJs who press buttons and make announcements. We are ENTERTAINERS!  When combined, our unique approach to weddings ensures our couples, family, and friends should get to experience something that they were not fully prepared for.  True excitement!! “Working with Leo was a blessing for our wedding!” Bride – C. Sorrells

Premium -Contact us for Pricing

  • Up to 4 hours of Service
  • Reception Event Direction
  • Pro Audio sound system
  • 1 Wireless microphone

Signature Service Contact us for Pricing

  • Up to 5 hours of Service
  • Reception Event Direction/Onsite Ceremony
  • Pro Audio sound system Upgraded
  • 1 Wireless microphone
  • Dance Floor Intelligent Lighting

White Glove Service Contact us for Pricing

  • Up to 6 Hours of Service
  • Additional Sound System for Ceremony
  • 1 Wireless lapel microphone for Officiant/Groom
  • Music for Ceremony (pre-wedding & wedding)
  • Emcee announcements after Wedding
  • All White Pipe & Drape Dj Booth/Upgraged Sound System/White Fixtures

Next Level Entertainment Has The RIGHT Wedding Service To Fit Your Needs!

  • *A La Carte available upon request

Make Your Wedding Day Exclusive By Choosing Next Level Enhancements!


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